Wednesday, 23 September 2009

hey again.!! this a small project we had to do during the summer...
its really shaky cause i did it on a normal paper without any tools..

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


this project is diverted in two parts...
on the first part we were supposed to make a sting for our ANImaidstone festival which happens for first time
i enjoyed doing it but i am not very happy with what i have..

the second part it was after easter and i am still working on it.. untill now i have this one

i am not really happy with what i have now.. but i am still trying to figure out what to do with it... i have to give untill monday so i hope i make it..
After watching Alice, a movie from the story alice in wonderland, i searched the artist and i found lots of interesting videos like this one...
.. its pretty scary..

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Final assesment for group seminar.

For our final assessment in December we were divided into groups and had to decide on a narrative that was based on one of our own life experiences or a combination of a few of them together. We each will have to produce 15 seconds of animation which will be combined to produce the final narrative.

This is the first trial of our animatic:

This is the second trial of our animatic:


We were given an audio track and told to animate the characters to it. The idea was to improve our skills in lip-syncing. We drew mouths and animated them over cut outs of celebrates from magazines. I found this very enjoyable and might be an aspect of animation i could explore in the future.


This time we we're encouraged to focus on how the emotion of the character can be emphasized through the framing. This can be used by framing actions like the hands to express gestures that enhance certain emotions.

By being forced to draw the frames of the storyboard before being told the subject of the narrative this meant our framing was the direct influence for the imagery. After drawing the first narrative in my storyboard I copied the same thing again but only used high contrast, heavy shadowed imagery as my tutor suggested. After that i took the imagery and combined it into one image that was of a surrealist style.

For this piece i was given another persons storyboard and told to re-draw it in my own style.

This is all about creating a character and focusing on creating different expressions for it.

Once creating my character i combined it with another students character. We had to give the impression that they belonged in a narrative together.

Drawing workshops

This exercise was intended to make us focus on how we frame our subjects. We were given the challenge of advertising the university, this means that i had to focus on aspects of the building that would make it more appealing.

This was a Friday workshop with Loui. Using perspective drawing we had 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minute's etc. This quick pressured exercise made use focus on the main aspects of the body that imply movement or expression.

This workshop was a development from the last. Instead of focusing on a still subject we had to express the movement of the model. The model would express a movement time and time again and we had to draw them stage by stage to capture a sequence.

Again this is a similar concept to the last workshops but this time we had to express the stresses and pressure on the subject using shadow.

Adaptation- Re-adaptation

In this project we had to get into groups which consisted of Laura,Joe,Edd and me and adapt a story from the choices our tutor gave us. From the title we chose "Story and desire" we had to create a storyboard. The story was about a perfect city, The main character was a "perfect" women who all the men desired.

The next stage was to re-adapt someone else's storyboard and change it to create a new one. We could re-arrange their work by changing the order of the frames to create a completely new narrative. The story we re-adapt was "star and chain". The story is about a man and a child who find an item (a star bracelet)that turns out it belonged to the man in the past.

Storyboard in order: