Thursday, 4 December 2008


This time we we're encouraged to focus on how the emotion of the character can be emphasized through the framing. This can be used by framing actions like the hands to express gestures that enhance certain emotions.

By being forced to draw the frames of the storyboard before being told the subject of the narrative this meant our framing was the direct influence for the imagery. After drawing the first narrative in my storyboard I copied the same thing again but only used high contrast, heavy shadowed imagery as my tutor suggested. After that i took the imagery and combined it into one image that was of a surrealist style.

For this piece i was given another persons storyboard and told to re-draw it in my own style.

This is all about creating a character and focusing on creating different expressions for it.

Once creating my character i combined it with another students character. We had to give the impression that they belonged in a narrative together.

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