Thursday, 4 December 2008

Adaptation- Re-adaptation

In this project we had to get into groups which consisted of Laura,Joe,Edd and me and adapt a story from the choices our tutor gave us. From the title we chose "Story and desire" we had to create a storyboard. The story was about a perfect city, The main character was a "perfect" women who all the men desired.

The next stage was to re-adapt someone else's storyboard and change it to create a new one. We could re-arrange their work by changing the order of the frames to create a completely new narrative. The story we re-adapt was "star and chain". The story is about a man and a child who find an item (a star bracelet)that turns out it belonged to the man in the past.

Storyboard in order:


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Que extra├▒o...Pero interesante.