Thursday, 4 December 2008

Animation exercises

This is my first attempt to work with animation. I tried to keep the drawing simple so that i could focus on the technique.I don't like it that much because the timing is to consistent (everything moves at one speed) and it looks unnatural. I think it needs to be developed.

With this one i focus more on the timing to make a more fluent movement. But still i think it need to be more natural.

I am pleased with how I created the effect of the cannon pulling backwards to emphasize the shot before the blast. But the cannon still seems unrealistic, even if i tried to improve it. This is due to the fact that the canon stays completely stationary, in real life the canon would be thrust backwards by the force of the cannonball being fired.

This is my second attempt to create the dripping tap. I was trying to focus on how the water droplet pulsates before it falls, this is a closer reflection of real life. I feel it would have been more accurate if it was slower, it seems a bit rushed.

The point of this exercise it was to make a sequence with 3 shots. a really quick sequence which needs lot of work.

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